Two Elephants Taking A Bath In A Kiddie Wading Pool Will Put A Smile On Your Face All Day

There are few things cuter than babies playing in a pool, even if — or maybe especially if — those babies happen to be baby elephants.

Meet Baylor and Tupleo, two baby elephants who live at the Houston Zoo. This is bath time for these two baby elephants, but as you’ll see from this irresistible video, it’s really fun time. The larger of these two elephants, Baylor, weighs 1,100 pounds according to the zoo. Tupelo, on the other hand, is a relatively svelte 600 pounds.

What that means for a plastic inflatable pool is, well, a short lifespan. This is a bigger pool than these two elephants started their bathing careers rolling around in. And yet, this pool can expect no more than five uses before these two elephants burst the thing — which is made for human kids after all, kids who weigh considerably less than a combined 1,700 pounds.

Elephants are very clean animals. In the wild, they bathe daily. In captivity, like at the Houston zoo, they must rely on keepers to clean them. Elephants need regular skin care — and that’s what you see big Baylor taking care of as he flops on his side in the cool water, which seems to feel great on his skin — because no matter how much of a pest Tupelo makes himself, the big fella ain’t moving!

That’s about all there is to this video: two baby elephants having a blast taking a bath.