Ellen Barkin Embraces Aging, Says No To Photoshop

In this day and age where there’s so much emphasis in our culture on being young and wrinkle free, actress Ellen Barkin is truly a breath of fresh air.

At 60-years-old The New Normal’s Barkin sat down for a photo shoot for Violet Grey’s online magazine. Her one condition is that all the air brushing of today is left out of it. Not only did the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas actress say no to Photoshop, but she let the camera get up close as she tastes a burger, or just for the moments where she wanted her full beauty to come across.

Barkin didn’t shy away from the camera, nor did she close herself off from questions during her interview. Throughout the whole feature, Barkin was very open about her no touch up policy and what it means to age in the industry.

“I feel strongly about retouching. I looked at those pictures, and I knew they expected, like, seven ‘Xes’ to come back on the bags under my eyes or the lines around my mouth or my neck but I thought we could do something special here. Those pictures with the dark circles under my eyes are exactly what I look like.”

As for her now signature pixie cut? Barkin said it had a lot to do with how women feature their beauty. Ellen didn’t want to hide her face any longer.

“It was a direct response to watching the Oscars alone in my bed and saying, “You know what? I’m done.” As women age, they start hiding their faces more with their hair. So the bangs get longer and you see like this much of their face. I am taking everything off of my face, and I am going to say, this is what it looks like, nothing is hidden, you can see my forehead, my jawline, my neck, this is it. And ladies, it’s not so bad.”

What do you think about Ellen Barkin’s stance on aging? Does she have the right idea? As for her pixie cut, we think she looks great no matter what her hair length is, but it’s nice to see this kind of advocacy from someone of an older generation. Hopefully Barkin sets an example for many generations to come.

[Image via Bing]