This Video On Goats Is Going Viral! That’s Right! GOATS!

Besides funny videos and television clips, YouTube has become popular for hosting numerous scientific videos for the scientifically curious. This includes numerous videos by PBS and AsapSCIENCE, such as clips that explain what happens when the brain is on coffee. Yes, there are plenty of fact-filled, smart-person videos on YouTube that cater to both the curious and those seeking mental nourishment. But what about the weird science videos where people learn something of absolutely nothing?

Well, the YouTube channel It’s Okay To Be Smart tackled this by making a video about goats. That’s right, a science video about goats! What’s even more surprising is the video is going viral.

Uploaded by the aforementioned YouTube Channel above, the video already has almost 75,000 views with over 2,000 likes. Only a pathetic 49 people don’t like the video. Maybe a goat ate their shoes! Nevertheless, the video is so popular that right now that it is considered one of the Most Popular Videos on YouTube. Not bad for a video that talks primarily about goats.

Apparently, there is more to goats than providing goat cheese and goat milk. First, they have weird eyes (which apparently isn’t just exclusive to goats as shown in this video). Second, they can climb anywhere they want primarily to reach hard-to-reach places for food and to escape predators. Third, they can see almost 360 degrees around themselves. Talk about a living almost-panoramic camera there! Then of course, they like to stand on stuff.

Honestly, I found this video to be quite entertaining because it was unique. Most science videos on YouTube won’t touch on unique topics such as this and will instead teach more “straight-laced” science such as space, environment, chemistry, and such. Kudos to PBS for allowing this to happen.

What did you think about the science video on goats? Though the information may not be useful in real life, did you find it intriguing? Please let us know in the comments below.