Once You Take This Video Tour Of Chicago, You’ll Never Need Another One — Don’t Get Seasick!

Chicago. The Windy City. The City Of Big Shoulders. Not a area you’d place in the same category as, say, Venice. But after you watch this video, well, you may think differently. Just one little warning before you view this.

You might want to take some Dramamine.

This video, by British filmmaker Philip Bloom, is an amazing time-lapse boat ride along the Chicago River. Now, Chicago is generally thought of a the quintessential midwestern U.S. city — not, that is, a city on the water, like Los Angeles or Miami. But in fact, Chicago is just that.

The city sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. And the Chicago River, which is actually a 156-mile network of interconnected canals, flows through the entire city, including Chicago’s famed downtown “Loop.”

As with Venice, sailing the canals may be the best way to see this legendary American city. And thanks to Bloom, we’ve made it easier for you. This entire tour takes about three minutes.


Bloom fastened his camera to a boat and set it to take time lapse pictures of an entire day’s journey through the waterways of The Windy City. So fasten yourself in for this Chicago boat ride.