Henry Cavill As Clark Kent On ‘Batman V Superman’ Set In Detroit Streets

Earlier this week, the internet went wild when Henry Cavill was spotted on the Batman v Superman set wearing his Superman costume. Today, we have a first look at the Brit as his Clark Kent persona.

A day after Cavill’s body double was seen walking around the streets of the Motor City, we get a look at the real deal, Henry himself. In the shots he wears the same outfit we saw him wear in the last scene of Man of Steel.

Clark Kent wears glasses, a brown dress jacket, plaid shirt, jeans, and is carrying a messenger bag with him. We didn’t get to see Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent, the Daily Planet reporter, much in Batman v Superman’s prequel, so fans are eager to see how he and Lois Lane interact this time around.

Comic Book posted the photo of Henry in his full Clark Kent disguise on Friday, sending ripples throughout the internet. Here is the photo of the Superman alter ego in the streets of Detroit.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Batman v Superman set

The images we see of Henry Cavill on the set of Batman v Superman would indicate that the scenes have moved from Gotham City to Metropolis, the home of the Daily Planet. The first set photos we saw from Detroit were of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and showed grave destruction of his building Wayne Financial.

Director Zack Snyder was reportedly filming a high-speed chase involving Batman’s alter ego, and we saw Batfleck and his body double in several shots and even some video taken by fans with access to the Batman v Superman set. The photos keep coming, and yesterday one of the best sources of images so far, Twitter user @banandoc, shared several photos of Gotham City’s police force on the social media site.

After Henry Cavill was seen walking around in his Superman costume, things calmed down a bit, as far as daily images hitting the net. However, there seems to be something new every day when the production is filmed on the streets.

We did see one of the best Ice Bucket Challenge videos when Henry Cavill and Amy Adams joined forces to support the ALS campaign a couple of days ago. Now that we have seen Clark Kent himself make an appearance, the Batman v Superman plot seems to be taking shape. Stay tuned for all the latest news.

Henry Cavill in Superman suit

[Image via Warner Bros.]