Father Sneakily Catches Daughter Doing Selfies On Video

One thing that many of today’s generation loves to do, especially online, is take selfies. Sometimes, one must wonder what some of these young people are thinking with their duck-lips and double-chin photos. Nevertheless, it is quite popular to take selfies online, especially if you’re Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Kimmel. Overall, most of them are considered to be annoying.

For one father, he was sneaky like a ninja as he recorded his daughter taking multiple selfies on her phone. Little did she know that the video of her making selfies would go viral. I wonder if she’s embarrassed for what she has done now. Maybe not.

Uploaded on the YouTube channel Rumble Viral on August 23, 2014, the video now has over 4.5 million views with over 8,000 likes. A measly 1,000 dislikes also accompany the video too. Also, this video is on the list for The Most Popular on YouTube as of the publication of this article.

The video itself is quite simple, with not much direction taken for its production. In short: It consists of a father in the driver’s seat sneakily recording his daughter as she does tons of selfies on her phone. Along with numerous manipulations of her face in awkward formations, she seems to do her own version of double chins and duck lips. The father seems to do his best trying to keep his composure but you can hear small snickers of laughter every once in awhile. The video does cut off so it is up to the viewer’s imagination if the daughter discovered what her dad did or if the dad simply broke down in laughter.

What did you think about this video of a father recording his daughter taking ridiculous selfies? Did you find it funny or an invasion of privacy? Better yet, do children living underneath their parent’s roof technically even have privacy? Please let us know in the comments below.