Ariana Grande’s Diva Antics Result In Her Being Labeled Hollywood’s Most Terrible Person

It looks as though at just the tender age of 21, Ariana Grande has been given a tag that she will find very hard to shake. Sources have revealed that Grande’s recent antics have been so dire that those who have worked with her have started to refer to her as a diva.

Grande, who has already been called the new Mariah Carey, has followed the “All I Want for Christmas” singer’s behavior by apparently lashing out at media professionals who have tried to assist her.

Star Magazine has just released a long piece explaining just how horrible Grande has become thanks to her new-found fame. This includes an anecdote about her actions while filming a TV special in August.

An insider recalled, “She was a total nightmare. She demanded to be shot only on her left side and told the lighting crew that if they used red light, she would ‘kill herself.’ She arrived hours late, with no explanation, and refused to do anything the photographer asked. She was acting like a crazy person…”

This has led the producers who were overseeing the special to declare that Grande is one of the worst people that they have ever worked with throughout their distinguished careers.

It’s also been revealed that Grande isn’t particularly fond of constantly being compared to Mariah Carey. This all goes back to an occasion when Ariana believes that Carey dissed her during an interview, and it’s even got so bad that Grande doesn’t want her nemesis’ name being “brought up in her presence.”

Grande is believed to have been extremely hurt after Carey refused to praise the 21-year-old singer during an interview, and instead simply declared, “I wish everybody all the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hope that they can achieve longevity.”

It could just be that Grande’s untoward behavior is actually because she recently had a death in the family. On July 25, 2014, her grandfather passed away, and she then became inundated with supportive messages on Twitter that tried to help her through this sad time. Just a few weeks earlier, Grande had decided to stop her current tour after she learned that her grandfather was in the process of dying, and she immediately went to be by his side on his death-bed.

Do you think that Ariana Grande is Hollywood’s most horrible person? Or does this label seem a tad excessive?

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