Kim Jong Un Is A Huge Manchester United Supporter, But Is He Breaking The Law In Order To Watch The Red Devils?

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, has been unveiled as a Manchester United fan.

It's believed that Un is such a big follower of the Red Devils that he has even ordered state television to broadcast Premier League football in order to allow the inhabitants of his country to follow the sport.

Jong-Un's favourite United player has also been revealed to be Wayne Rooney, who was recently appointed as the new captain at the Old Trafford club. Unfortunately for North Korea their dictator's request to screen the games on state television is actually a breach of copyright, and Jong-Un could find himself on the receiving end of a hefty fan if the authorities learn of his misdemeanour.

That's because soccer sides sell their video rights to broadcasters as part of lucrative deals that then provide these teams with huge amounts of money. It's one of the main reasons why English sides are regarded as some of richest on the planet.

Speaking to the Daily Star about the potential screening of soccer games in North Korea, a Premier League spokesman stated: "Nobody has the rights to broadcast Premier League football in North Korea so if this is happening then it is copyright theft, plain and simple."

However, despite the offence, it's still believed that Un will proceed with his decision to include the broadcast on the country's viewing schedule, which means that the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are now set to be inundated with North Korean supporters.

Jong-Un's love of Rooney isn't the first occasion that the dictator has revealed his adulation for a sports star. Over the last few years he has struck up a frankly bizarre friendship with Dennis Rodman, and the 53-year-old former Chicago Bulls athlete has even visited North Korea while he's also described Un as an "awesome guy."

Unfortunately for Un and the people of North Korea they couldn't have picked a worse time to become Manchester United supporters. The Red Devils are currently in terrible form, especially since Sir Alex Ferguson, who guided the club to umpteen Premier League titles and 2 Champions League honors, retired. David Moyes was sacked for leading United to just 7th place in the league last season, while his replacement, Louis Van Gaal, has still yet to taste victory in the position.

Hopefully the fact that Kim Jong-Un now supports United will provide the players with enough motivation to get out of this slump.