WWE News: Hulk Hogan Calls Out Stone Cold Steve Austin, Feud Gets Very Personal

Every week or so, Hulk Hogan believes that he needs to be the center of attention in the WWE Universe. At first, it was calling out Lesnar that Hogan decided was a good idea. Thinking out loud for the WWE fans, nobody wants to see that match actually happen. Hogan could be destroyed.

Next, Stone Cold Steve Austin said that he was a bigger star than Hogan was in their respective eras. Whether that is true or not, Hogan felt that responding was the true measure of a good sport.

“It’s always some type of crap going on, you know? There’s always these guys running around like women in hair salons. Everybody’s talking smack on everyone else. I’ve never see anything like it. If there’s one guy that there’s this major b**ch with, is this constant b**ch, Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

The only reason Hogan called out Austin is due to his endless effort to wrestle one more match with the WWE. His TNA matches were horrible, so being a man with great pride, he doesn’t want to end his wrestling career on the bottom.

For Austin, he recently talked about wrestling one more match. That one bout could take place at WWE WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas. Two years down the road, I’m not sure Hogan would be even close to the right shape in order to wrestle a match.

Nobody wants to face Hogan, yet the Hulkster wants to face everyone. It is a bit pathetic, but the man wants to ride off into the sunset with a victory at WrestleMania. Not even focusing on the fact he wants to wrestle, but there’s a slight chance he may want to be victorious as well. Who would put over Hogan?

Cena and Hogan

John Cena doesn’t have the time or the interest to wrestle the 60-year-old WWE legend. Even if Hogan wants to wrestle Austin, nothing can happen in time for WrestleMania 31. Austin said in his interview that a match at 31 would be too soon to create. A match like that needs proper time to build.

Think back to Rock vs. Cena three years ago. That match got a full calendar year to promote. They did very well with it, and even though the quality was terrible, the memories of a Rock vs. Cena bout will last forever.

Hogan got himself into some trouble with his words against Austin. Knowing the Texas Rattlesnake, he won’t be affected by Hogan’s nonsense. WWE may have to check in on Hogan every so often. If he continues his antics, there might not be a chance for a physical, let alone a match.

[Images via layfieldreport.com and wwe.com]