Rumor: Todd Palin Filing For Divorce

John McGinniss’ tell-all book about Sarah Palin revealed plenty of dirty secrets. The book alleges that Palin slept with NBA star Glen Rice, that she did copious amounts of cocaine, and that she had an affair with one of Todd Palin’s business partners while she was the Governor of Alaska. Many people are questioning the book’s accuracy, but it looks like McGinniss has at least one believer, as Todd Palin is reportedly filing for a divorce from his wife, Sarah.

The National Inquirer claims that Todd is “fed up” with all of the rumors and scandals that have surrounded Palin ever since she ran for Vice President. This new book has added more fuel to the fire and Todd is ready to get out.

But the salacious secrets in “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” could do more than just end her marriage. The Daily Mail reports that Palin’s advisers have told the Tea Party darling to forget about the White House, as they fear that a presidential bid would cause people to dig even deeper into her past.

According to an unnamed source:

“Sarah Palin has been destroyed by Joe McGinniss’ no-holds-barred biography. It exposed all her lies, cover-ups and secrets. As a result she has been told by her advisers that it would be political suicide to announce a White House candidacy. The press and her opponents would have a field day digging into the dirty details of her background.”

Do you think the rumors are true? Do you feel bad for Todd Palin? For Sarah Palin?