Little Boy Goes Off On Mother For Being Pregnant [VIDEO]

For most parents, children are the greatest joy they can ever have in family life. A child or children represents the family name living on through an established legacy. Most of the time, the legacy is something worthwhile. Other times, a child may infuriate and embarrass their parents when, for example, they use an iPad for something other than educational purposes only.

However, one must wonder how kids already feel about their mommies and daddies having more children after them. Fortunately for us, there is a video on YouTube showing one boy’s reaction when he finds out his mom is pregnant.

Uploaded on the YouTube channel Viral Videos on August 27, 2014, the video itself already has over 3.6 million views with over 25,000 likes. Sadly, about 1,500 people didn’t find the child’s reaction cute at all. Also, this video is the number one video on the Most Popular Videos on YouTube as of the publication of this article.

The video starts with a little boy sitting next to his toddler sister as his mother gives him the “bad news” that she is pregnant. The initial reactions of the boy are hilarious as he screams the following.

“What were you thinking?! Why do you have to get another baby, you just had two?!”

The hilarity factor is increased over the fact that the little boy keeps stuttering and losing his place. This also must be a gargantuan deal for the boy because he actually uses “big words” in his complaints, primarily when he says the news is ‘exasperating” to him.

However, as the film progresses, it is evident the reason why he is upset is his fear of being replaced. Maybe when the baby is born, things will change and he’ll end up being like the little girl crying because she doesn’t want her baby brother to grow up.

What do you think about this video? Was the little boy’s reason for going off justified or was he simply being disrespectful and selfish? Please let us know in the comments below.

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