WWE: Why Wrestlers ‘Not Being Used Well’ Is Tired Terminology In This Day And Age

WWE has always been known to surprise us and even give us great material that make us love them. Other times, they have given us horrible content that didn’t surprise or interest us, causing us to hate them. However, the worse criticism any wrestling organization ever faces is how they use their talent. WWE has a good problem, in that they have so many talented wrestlers that they cannot possibly use them all where they might be worth using. WWE is a business at the end of the day, so it becomes competitive for all involved.

WWE wants to put the best talent they have in the best positions in the company. The problem is that other talented people aren’t used in big positions because those spots are taken. So WWE becomes a stacked environment full of very good talent that simply has the problem of being in the same company as the best wrestlers in the world. At times, certain wrestlers just aren’t worthy of being used in a top position. They either do not have a proper look, wrestling skill, mic work, or what have you.

There is always something that might hinder a certain WWE talent. Sometimes age is a key issue for people, as they may finally be good enough to compete with the best on the roster, but they’re in their mid-30’s and WWE does not want to invest a ton of time in them compared to a 25 year old. See Dolph Ziggler for this issue.

Daniel Bryan hurt

A lot of fans are mad any time a wrestler does not come off looking invincible. The entire 2013 into 2014 storyline was the build up of Daniel Bryan. The conclusion was Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. He was set to hold onto the championship until SummerSlam, where he’d be beaten by Brock Lesnar setting up a story for him and other WWE talent. Bryan was sadly injured and had to eventually depart from WWE on injured leave.

Since his departure many fans claim WWE didn’t use him well all year, but the issue with this is that they did a good job of it. They built him up so they could make a good moment happen with him. His injury hurt the move they pulled with him in length, but WWE still did build up Bryan well and they were positioning him as a top guy in 2014 and going forward.

Now WWE is building The Shield, yet another young group of guys all under 30 who can be a big part of WWE’s future. However, according to many fans, the WWE is not using all of them correctly. Despite the fact Seth Rollins is on TV every week, MITB winner, and a top heel in WWE, he is not used right. Dean Ambrose has been in a top rivalry with one of the top heels for months, has had awesome matches stealing all shows, and now he is set to star in a WWE Film. Yet WWE is doing horrible by him. Meanwhile the build of Roman Reigns has seen him face off with all of WWE’s main event talent and he has come off as a badass. Apparently he is not used right either.

WWE cannot win when it comes to fans as everyone will claim the terminology of a wrestler not being used well. Another issue WWE fans have is that many do not realize that ending up on RAW or SmackDown is huge for a WWE talent. Being off of TV is the bad part. So for someone like Damien Sandow, he may have a comical, dumb gimmick for now. Yet if you look, he is on TV every single week. WWE has a use for him. It is when there isn’t a use for a WWE talent that problems start to occur.

Zack Ryder

Take Zack Ryder for example. He is seldom if ever on TV, yet he has a big fan base. WWE could use him down in NXT, Main Event, Superstars, or something else. However, he is reduced to being on live events.

At the end of the day, as long as your favorite is on TV, that should be a win. You might think they are worthy of a main event spot, but they may not be. Or they could be worthy, but WWE doesn’t have a place for them there yet. That does not mean they never will. Also, even when they do get there, there is no reason you should see them in the main event picture all the time. Isn’t that what people hate about John Cena these days?

So WWE fans, rejoice in the fact that WWE might be listening. The problem is that they want to give you compelling TV each week. Yes, that may consist of a favorite losing or looking bad for a time. Yet rejoice in the fact they are still employed. You know they are happy about that. If they are as good as you claim they are, WWE will eventually notice and they will stand out to more than just you. If they aren’t as good as you think, then you should potentially get used to that fact.

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