Chelsea Clinton Quits NBC Correspondent Job

Chelsea Clinton quit her NBC News correspondent job Friday, citing increased work at the Clinton Foundation, as well as the impending birth of her first child.

Clinton worked with the network since 2011 doing feature stories on people or organizations doing public-spirited work. Yahoo! News reports that the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton was reportedly paid $600,000 per year for the job.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Chelsea Clinton explained, “I loved watching the ‘Making a Difference’ stories about remarkable people and organizations making a profound difference in our country and our world. I am grateful NBC gave me the opportunity to continue this important legacy.”

Alex Wallace, senior vice president at NBC News, stated of Clinton, “Chelsea’s storytelling inspired people across the country and showcased the real power we have as individuals to make a difference in our communities.”

Chelsea’s exit from NBC removes any potential awkwardness for the network should her mother run for president in 2016. The network made sure to keep her off the air while Hillary Clinton was making media appearances to promote a book. The network also received criticism when stories about Chelsea’s salary appeared.

CNN notes that Chelsea Clinton’s stories with NBC were largely service-focused. They included features on a boxing gym that offers tutoring in Detroit, a diner in Albuquerque that helps kids with homework and feeds them, and an education program in Pine Bluff, Arizona that combats hunger and helps education in the area.

Clinton announced her pregnancy in April and a considerable amount of attention has focused on the birth, especially in light of her mother’s possible presidency run.

Hillary was asked Thursday whether Chelsea’s baby will be a boy or girl. The former first lady responded, “I don’t know because my daughter and her husband don’t want to know.” She added that “they have tried very hard not to find out. When they do the ultra sound I think they have their hands over their ears and their eyes.”

Clinton went on to say that the family is “going to be surprised like the old days and meet this new arrival and welcome him or her into the world.”

While Chelsea is leaving NBC News, there’s a possibility she might return once her baby is born. The former first daughter hinted at a possible return in her Facebook post, writing, “While my role with NBC News may be coming to an end, I look forward to working with the NBC family well into the future.”

It’s not clear what role Chelsea Clinton could have at NBC in the future.

[Image: NBC News]