Whitney Casey, "Man Plan" Author, Talks Dirty with Howard Stern [Pictures]

Whitney Casey, the journalist-turned-sex expert behind the book "The Man Plan," chatted with Howard Stern about her own sex life Tuesday. Casey didn't seem to mind sharing all sorts of details, including some specifics about her relationship with former NFL defensive back Jason Sehorn.

Whitney Casey: "The Man Plan"

Whitney Casey started her career with CNN. She most recently worked at KHOU in Houston, co-hosting the "Great Day Houston" show. Casey told Stern she left that job to begin work on her book (contrary to some rumors that she was fired).

That book, "The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild... Not Away," comes out today and is now her main focus -- along with a gig as Match.com's "relationship insider." Casey is set to appear on "The Today Show" Wednesday to further promote the book.

Whitney Casey: The Jason Sehorn Story

Whitney Casey told stern she dated Jason Sehorn from the ages of 19 to 24, after which they got married. She says the never consummated the relationship during the entire time period prior to their marriage. (Stern, of course, didn't let it go at that -- Casey eventually admitted she did, uh, perform in other ways.)

As for the end of the Whitney Casey-Jason Sehorn relationship, Casey said the "mental chemistry" wasn't right.

Whitney Casey: Other Relationships

Casey also discussed her relationships with Lance Armstrong -- also not consummated, she said -- and TV chef Rocco Dispirito. She did go into great detail about her physical relationship with Dispirito, including his, shall we say, assets, referring to a particular part of his anatomy as a "Viagra version of the statue of David." You can read the details of that story and other Whitney Casey sex chat here if you're so inclined.

Whitney Casey Pictures

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Whitney Casey: The Man Plan Whitney Casey: The Man Plan Whitney Casey: The Man Plan Whitney Casey: The Man Plan

Whitney Casey Video

Whitney Casey during her stint hosting "Great Day Houston":

Whitney Casey on "The Today Show" talking about women's habits: