Holy Crap: Holy Man Avtar Singh Muani Wears World’s Largest Turban

Turbans are a dime a dozen these days. Everybody seems to wear one, including former President George W. Bush.

George Bush Fake Turban

Actually, that picture is clearly a fake, though the turban still looks awfully nice on him! Regardless, while turbans appear to be quite the craze these days, what’s definitely not all that popular are turbans that weigh a whopping 100 pounds!

Enter Avtar Singh Muani, a 50-year-old Northern Indian who wears the world’s largest turban. According to The Huffington Post, the holy man’s inordinately huge turban measures a whopping “2,115 feet when unwrapped,” which is equivalent to the length of “13 Olympic-sized swimming pools.” All this adds up to a 100 pounds, though Muani also carries with him ornamental weapons that add another 87 pounds. Wow! That’s a strong holy man!

Want to know what’s even crazier? The current Guinness Worlds Records largest turban measures a measly 1,312 feet, meaning Muani’s gargantuan turban beats his by over 800 feet. The Huffington Post reports that Avtar Singh Mauni would very much appreciate being recognized as the owner of the world’s largest turban. However, judging by how he feels about people who snap a photo of him, he may not yet be ready for the paparazzi.

“When I go out a huge crowd gathers around me. Some are amazed beyond belief and tell me ‘You are great for carrying such a large turban.’ But sometimes all they want is to take a picture, so I loudly tell them to stop. After all it takes me hours to put on my turban and all they want is to take a quick picture and then run away.”

Kanye West totally feels you, bro!

The Daily Mail reveals that holy man Avtar Muani is a devout Sikh who has been wearing this turban for 16 years. What’s interesting is that it wasn’t always so large. He has regularly been adding to it, to the point that it now takes him six whole hours to simply put it on.

“I just keep putting on the cloth from top to bottom one layer at a time just like you would lay the storeys of a building.”

That seems normal enough. What’s not so normal is that Muani has grown so attached to his turban that he feels “incomplete” without it. Wow… though the good news is given how he feels, he’s not apt to take it off anytime soon!

Anyway, to learn more about the owner of the world’s largest turban, check the video below:

[Image via Barcroft Media]