USC RB Anthony Brown: Calls Coach Sarkisian Great – Now Suddenly He’s Racist? (Video)

Three weeks ago Shotgun Spratling with the Conquest Chronicle interviewed USC RB Anthony Brown on camera at USC’s first scrimmage game at fall camp held at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium. In light of Brown’s recent claims stating Coach Steve Sarkisian is racist, it is interesting to hear this 1 minute 46 second interview.

In the midst of hearin Brown say, “Ya know what I mean” an overwhelming number of times, Brown actually admits that he likes his new position, and sings Coach Sarkisian praises.

Brown is heard saying,

“It’s just…It’s just…Ya know what I mean?…At the end of the day…Ya know I’m just happy to be back on…on….on offense side of the ball, ya know what I mean?…So I’m just happy to be back over here…..Coach Sarkisian is a great coach, ya know what I mean?….His offense philosophy is what I like, ya know what I mean?”

Here is that interview: