Sarah Herron Admits To Settling For Robert On ‘Bachelors In Paradise’

Sarah Herron knows what she wants and she goes after it. Herron tried to get Sean Lowe on The Bachelor, but he ended up picking Catherine Giudici. But Sarah didn’t give up. Instead, she is now competing on Bachelors in Paradise in hopes of finding love. But Herron went to Mexico in hopes of finding love with one very special person. Thus far, he hasn’t shown up.

As the time in Mexico slowly came to an end, Sarah started realizing that maybe her chosen man wouldn’t come walking down the beach. To see if she could find love, Herron began developing a connection with Robert Graham, a man who had previously tried to find love with other women in Mexico.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Sarah Herron is now revealing that she was shocked to see that the man she had been hoping for was indeed coming to Mexico. Sarah saw him walking down the beach and immediately, she started questioning her relationship and feelings for Roberto.

“(He was) someone I had been hoping would be there since day one. When the reality set in that he wasn’t coming, I closed the door on that hope and started developing feelings for Robert. You can’t begin to imagine the nervousness I felt when I saw him walking up the beach,” she explains.

Of course, Sarah Herron doesn’t reveal who she is talking about, as she doesn’t want to ruin the spoiler for viewers. However, he is quite known in the Bachelorette world, and people who have watched the last couple of seasons will recognize him immediately.

And it sounds like Herron knows that she settled for Robert, because the one she really wanted didn’t come to paradise until the end. Sarah must feel bad, as she is dreading to watch this upcoming episode.

Sarah Herron has been keeping a low profile on Bachelors in Paradise as she hasn’t really had any drama. But she knows that viewers may have an opinion of her this upcoming Monday, especially since she has been very critical of others on the show, including Kalon McMahon.

Of course, Herron could leave paradise without finding love, because she wants to drop Robert and try to see if there is a connection with this new contestant. According to The Inquisitr, Herron wouldn’t be the only one to not find a connection. The report states that Michelle Money will leave Mexico without a genuine connection.

What do you think of Sarah Herron leading Robert on? Do you think it is rude for her to express interest in a new guy, or should she follow her heart?

[Image via Parade]