Wiz Khalifa Show Cancelled At Michigan State University

Wiz Khalifa would love nothing more than to entertain the masses at Michigan State University. Unfortunately, officials don’t want the rapper anywhere near the campus.

As a result of the fatal shooting that took place during Khalifa’s performance in Irvine, California, the rapper’s scheduled concert at MSU is officially cancelled. Instead of skirting around the issue, the university issued a statement about the matter. In short: They’re not entirely comfortable with Wiz Khalifa visiting the area in the near future.

According to the MLive, the September 13 performance at the Breslin Student Events Center is now off the calendar. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if officials will allow Khalifa to reschedule the show at some point down the road once everything cools down. For now, the rapper doesn’t have permission to entertain MSU students.

The university issued a statement in the wake of the cancellation.

“Due to Michigan State University’s review of recent events and assessment of campus concerns, MSU has decided to cancel the event that was scheduled for September 13, 2014, which was to be held at the Breslin Center on the campus of MSU. We apologize for this inconvenience. A full refund will be processed for all patrons within the next few days using the same method as the original payment. Patrons who purchased tickets with cash will receive a refund check within the next few weeks from MSU.”

The Lansing State Journal explains that MSU media relations manager Jason Cody issued his own statement on the matter. Not surprisingly, he said the recent shooting at the Wiz Khalifa show in California influenced the school’s decision.

“Members of several MSU groups got together and reviewed the recent incidents at the previous concert and came to the decision we were going to cancel it and offer full refunds. Really, what it came down to was the safety and security of the visitors that were going to attend the concert.”

According to the Music Times, 38-year-old Eric Johnson was fatally shot at Wiz Khalifa’s concert at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine on August 24 at around 11 pm. Police reportedly arrested rapper Young Jeezy in connection with the shooting, though no charges were officially filed as of this writing. Two other suspects were eventually arrested as well, with bail set at $1 million each.

“On the face of it, it’s an exorbitant bail on a relatively benign charge. If they didn’t think he had significant knowledge about the homicide, I can’t imagine why he’d have a million-dollar bail. They want to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere for the short term. There’s much more to this that we don’t know,” Santa Clara County prosecutor Steven Clark said.

Are you MSU cancelled Wiz Khalifa’s performance at the university?

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