Starbucks Sued Over Hidden Bathroom Camera

Next time you pop into Starbucks for your daily dose of overpriced, over sugared caffeine, you may want to think twice before using the bathroom. One five-year-old girl recently uncovered a hidden video camera in the restroom of the coffee chain’s Washington branch, and her father is now suing Starbucks.

William Yockey of Virginia said he instantly reported the “humiliating and disgusting matter” to the cafe’s manager (who was completely unaware of the camera), but is taking his outrage further than a simple cross word.

Yockey says his daughter found the camera concealed inside the U-shaped drain beneath the bathroom sink. While washing her hands, the girl spied the camera, pointed directly at the toilet. The bathroom was cordoned off as police checked for fingerprints and confiscated the camera as evidence.

‘It’s embarrassing, humiliating, even today,’ an outraged Mr Yockey told ABC News. He added that video footage of his child, “could have been all over the internet… she could have been violated.”

Yockey was sightseeing with his family in Washington in April when their daughter asked to use the restroom. They chose to enter the Starbucks in Penn Quarter, not all that far from the White House and the National Mall.

For what it’s worth, Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz had this to say:

“We, as a company, take our obligation to provide a safe environment very seriously. When we were alerted, we called the police.”

Maybe hold it in for future Starbucks visits, folks.