Iggy Azalea Originally Declined To Work With Ariana Grande

Iggy Azalea once thought “Problem” collaborator Ariana Grande was a little too young to assist in the studio. In fact, the rapper turned her down altogether a few years ago.

When the former Sam & Cat star was putting together her very first full-length album, she reached out to Azalea for a little help. Since Iggy believed Grande was just a kid, the idea of collaborating with a youngster initially turned her off. According to the folks at Idolator, the Australian hip-hop artist soon learned the error of her ways.

Iggy Azalea discussed her decision to skip out on Ariana’s first album during a recent chat with Grammy.com. However, when the rapper discovered that she and Grande were actually aiming for the same demographic, she decided to collaborate on the smash summer hit “Problem.” This was obviously a very good idea.

However, Iggy said they could have worked together years ago.

“And I didn’t do it even though I thought she was amazing because I thought she was much younger than what she is. When I realized she was so close to my age, I was like — wait you’re an adult! I felt that my music was kind of so risque, and I knew she had a Disney show… I didn’t feel it was appropriate but then I actually met her, and I found out that she’s a grown-up, and I was like ‘oh ok!”

Of course, Grande’s show was on Nickelodeon as opposed to Disney, but we get the point Azalea was trying to make. Since she believed the singer was just a kid, the rapper decided to skip out on the opportunity. Chances are Iggy is extremely happy that she did a bit more research, as “Problem” was an enormous hit this year.

Although they recorded a track together, the Daily Mail reports Iggy Azalea and the 21-year-old singer didn’t really get a chance to hang out together until after the MTV European Music Awards. However, Grande stated that she became a fan of the rapper’s brand of hip-hop after discovering Iggy’s first single.

“I was a big fan of her when she put Work out, I heard that and I fell in love with it. I thought she was so unique and so talented,” Grande said of her collaborator.

Are you surprised Iggy Azalea turned down a chance to work on Ariana Grande’s first album? Do you think “Problem” would have succeeded without the rapper?

[Image via New York Daily News]