Hulk Hogan Is Bigger Than The Rock In WWE, Hollywood Is Another Story

Hulk Hogan is bigger than The Rock when it comes to wrestling. However, when it comes to Hollywood, The Rock is bigger. That’s the latest claim from Hulk Hogan himself who offered the information when asked whether he was bigger than 42-year-old Dwayne Johnson during an interview on “The Buzz with Jimmy Traina” FOX Sports reported.

“If you’re gonna ask me who the bigger star was in the wrestling business, I’m gonna say me. If you’re gonna say who’s the bigger star in Hollywood, I gotta say The Rock.”

“No one can believe the superhuman strength of Thunderlips!” That’s a quote from Hogan’s first film. According to information available on IMDb, Terry Gene Bollea, a.k.a. Hulk Hogan, appeared in his first major motion picture in 1982. He portrayed the character Thunderlips in Rocky III. At the time of Hogan’s film debut, Dwayne Johnson was still in elementary school.

The Rock didn’t make his big screen debut until 2001 when he became the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns. He also had a bit part in the 2001 flick “Longshot.” He returned to the big screen as Mathayus in The Scorpion King the following year. By that time, Hulk Hogan had already starred in Mr. Nanny(1993), Spy Hard (1996), The Secret Agent Club(1996), Santa With Muscles (1996) and Muppets From Space (1999) among a handful of other film roles and television appearances, including a stint on Walker, Texas Ranger.

A look at Dwayne Johnson’s IMDb page shows that The Rock actually starred in more big budget films than Hulk Hogan, despite the 61-year-old wrestler’s significant head start. Fans have seen Johnson in movies such as Hercules, Fast & Furious 6, Pain & Gain, Empire State, G.I Joe: Retaliation, Snitch, Jouney 2: The Mysterious Island and Fast Five. That’s just within the past few years.

In the same time frame, Hulk Hogan lent his voice as Terrafirminator in the animated film Gnomeo & Juliet. That’s not including a smattering of television acting appearances and plenty of time onscreen on WWE Smackdown! and WWE Raw.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hulk Hogan weighed in on the Christy Mack situation earlier this month after MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beat the porn star, rupturing her kidney, breaking 18 bones in her face, knocking several teeth from her mouth and cracking a rib.

“He’s lucky it wasn’t Ronda Rousey. He would have been in trouble. No, that’s not a good situation at all. That’s not cool, brother.”

[Image of Hulk Hogan and The Rock via Rant Sports]