Ouch! Ariana Grande’s AMA Gets Nasty…And Kind of Hilarious

Ariana Grande has achieved some incredible pop feats for her age this summer. Currently Grande has three songs in the Billboard Top 10 chart with “Problem”, “Bang Bang”, and “Break Free” all circulating heavily through the radio waves. She’s teamed up with everyone from Iggy Azalea to Jessy J now to bring her style of pop music to the masses, and it doesn’t appear that she’ll be slowing any time soon.

However, some doubt that the young star has longevity. A column recently appeared in Slate that cautioned that a quick rise might equal an equally as quick fall. Just like any other fresh starlet, she’s certainly not immune to criticism — something that was seen from the sometimes hilarious, sometimes downright nasty questions that showed up in Ariana’s Twitter Q&A #AskArianaGrande Thursday evening.

Some grilled Grande on the many strange ways that her name can be interpreted as a coffee size.

While others took the opportunity to solicit Ariana’s advice on a select “Problem” facing the world.

Most of the questions that veered from thoughtful to attack mode came from those who are uncomfortable with how young Grande looks despite her image.

And, of course, in true ask-me-anything fashion, other questions just came across as utterly bizarre, including one from popular Rupaul’s Drag Race drag queen Pandora Boxxx.

Do you think Ariana Grande’s image is too sexualized for her appearance? What was your favorite question? What would you #AskArianaGrande?

[Image via WallOwn]