‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Actor Ansel Elgort’s Beyonce Parody Evokes Groans And Laughter

In The Fault In Our Stars, Ansel Elgort had fans sighing, falling in love, and brought to tears. The reaction to Elgort’s new video, however, depends largely on whether the person reacting has bad luck with phones.

Parodying Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Shoulda Put A Ring On It),’ Elgort dances with his phone and offers some true Captain Hindsight advice:

If you like it, then you shoulda put a case on it.

Check out Elgort’s video below:

Of course, some of Ansel’s fans are quick to point out that this advice isn’t always foolproof:

The rest of Elgort’s fans were divided, with those who currently have functional phones getting a good laugh and the rest getting a good groan. Even those who found Ansel’s parody an unhappy reminder of a cracked screen, however, can’t fault his slightly goofy song-and-dance routine, which may explain why the video is going somewhat viral.

Of course, it’s not just the Fault In Our Stars actor’s selfie music video that has fans’ heads turning: rumor is, Ansel is newly single, which has perhaps a million or so fans getting their hopes up and daydreaming. It may be a bit soon for that, though, since the same source says the break-up came about because Elgort has been too busy working to keep up with a dating relationship.

There’s no doubt he’s been busy, either. Since his skyrocketing fame with The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent, Elgort has taken on two more movies: Men, Women & Children, which comes out in October, and Insurgent, which is the second movie in the Divergent series, and according to IMDB, will be out next year.

In fact, Elgort’s jokes about cell phones may be perfect timing, since Collider says that Men, Women & Children centers on the way that dependence on the internet and technology has changed our lives. What says dependence on technology better than watching your favorite stars’ Vine videos through the spiderweb of a smart phone that had one too many encounters with gravity?

Ansel Elgort’s Beyonce parody may be no The Fault In Our Stars for directing and writing, but it’s hard to deny it’s an inspired video, and one that speaks to the audience!

Photo: Twitter