Sesame Street Parodies Glee Cast, Sue Sylvester Still A Big Old Meanie

The cast of Fox’s hit show Glee are the newest people to be spoofed as Sesame Street muppets and their brought to us by the letter G.

In the Sesame Street video the cast teaches children how to pronounce the letter “G.” The characters include Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes, Sue Sylvester, and Mr. Schuester who is renamed “Mr. Gooster” for the sake of the clip.

While Sesame Street is a kids show that doesn’t mean some bullying doesn’t happen, Sue tells Mr. Gooster:

“You know all about gel, Gooster. You use enough of it.”

The group even sings a take on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” which they call “Don’t stop your G-ing” with such thought provoking lyrics as:

“Don’t stop your G-ing / There’s two sounds that you’re hearing.”

Here’s the video:

I personally like the “Here’s what you missed on G” beginning. What was your favorite part of the parody?