Pitt and Jolie Marry In Understated Ceremony in France

“Pitt and Jolie Marry” – it’s the fake headline touted repeatedly since the couple’s engagement in 2012, with numerous tabloids exclaiming “exclusive” coverage of a wedding that hadn’t happened. Until now. The marriage took place in France this past weekend, but was not publicly announced until the Associated Press issued a tweet yesterday afternoon:

While Pitt and Jolie did marry, there was something missing from their exclusive wedding in a chapel near their French estate. Jolie’s father Jon Voight. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, the veteran actor did not even know about the wedding, let alone get invited. His outspoken views and many criticisms in the past have pushed the father and daughter apart, with Angelina having little to do with Jon for most of her adult life.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Pitt and Jolie will play a married couple in their upcoming film By the Sea, says the Daily Mail, which will feature “crazy sex scenes.”

With the “Pitt and Jolie Marry” headline now out of the way, the couple are free to move forward and the tabloids open to finding other tantalizing news to repeat about the couple. Such as their imminent breakup, according to a psychic who used to know Pitt.

Meanwhile, the couple’s nine year history is documented, in terms of marriage, by ABC News showing that their commitment has obviously always been there. Pitt and Jolie received a California marriage license late last week and then held the secretive ceremony in France to seal the deal.

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