Megan Fox Compares Her American And South Korean Fans

Megan Fox is enjoying South Korea’s warm welcome this week as she promotes the local release of her latest film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Together with TMNT director Jonathan Liebesman and producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, the actress addressed the Korean press Wednesday, answering questions about the movie and her career.

According to the Korea Herald, Fox rigorously researched on her role as journalist April O’Neal, a New York reporter who stumbles upon the anthropomorphic team of ninja turtles, later on joining the gang to defeat the “Foot Clan” and their leader, Shredder. Despite her extensive research on the role, Megan says the adventures of the turtle team were the highlight of the show.

This wasn’t the first time Megan Fox visited South Korea, having been in the country for promotions of Transformers 1 and 2. Commenting on the fans’ reception, Fox said that she appreciated the courtesy and politeness of her admirers in the Asian country. According to Megan, the comparisons between her South Korean and American fans are “interesting”.

“The fans are so polite and sweet. It’s interesting for me because back home, everyone wants a selfie and an autograph, but here, they just want a handshake. I had a lot of fun interacting with them.”

Megan Fox also noted that she had to do a couple of complicated stunts for the film while pregnant. Despite the difficulties, Fox says she enjoyed filming the movie, taking pride in having been part of Paramount Pictures’ latest flick. Megan says:

“I’ve been in many movies and this is by far the one I am most proud of.”

While Megan talked about her personal experiences with the film, director Jonathan Liebesman commented on how the movie relates to the audience:

“The film is a massive fun spectacle. You realize it is your family that are most loyal people in your life no matter what. Even though ninja turtle sounds absurd and insane, everyone can see themselves in each one of the turtles. There is a beating heart behind the franchise,”

Megan Fox appears to be having a great time in Seoul. According to Daily Mail, she spent 48 hours on a plane from Los Angeles to the South Korean capital and only took a short rest before entertaining fans at the TMNT press conference. Aside from addressing the press at the meet and greet, Fox was also invited to do the ceremonial first pitch at a local baseball game between LG Twins and Doosan Bears.

Despite the cultural differences in how the two countries receive the actress, Megan Fox continues to appreciate all of her fans around the world.

[Image from Paramount]