WWE Smackdown: Thursday Night Move May Affect NXT, Superstars, And Legends House

WWE Smackdown is rumored to be moving to Thursday nights instead of the usual Friday nights, but it’s also possible that other WWE shows and NXT may have to be juggled in order to make the shift in schedule work out.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jim Ross says the WWE Monday Night RAW video taping may be combined with WWE Smackdown in order to save money. It’s also believed that Vince McMahon plans even more WWE layoffs and a recent class action lawsuit alleges the WWE management misled stock holders about the potential for the WWE stock price.

Officially, the WWE management has not yet acknowledged the rumor about WWE Smackdown changing its filming day or its release day. But NXT and Superstars have apparently been airing earlier in the day on Thursdays already, which some believe is an indication that the WWE management is planning ahead for the big move to Thursday. There’s also been talk about the Smackdown tour buses receiving a paint job that indicates a Thursday night time slot. In addition, the Syfy TV schedule for Thursday, 10/2, from 8 to 10 PM lists WWE Smackdown in that time slot, which is about as much a confirmation as anything officially announced.

WWE Smackdown Bus

According to the Wrestling Observer, the WWE Smackdown move is likely to affect multiple other WWE shows, including international releases.

“As for international airings of Smackdown, Canada will likely move to Thursday nights as well. Countries such as Australia and The UK, who have been getting Smackdown almost a day earlier than the United States, will likely have to wait until it airs here as it would be impossible for WWE to get the show to them earlier for editing reasons. First-run WWE Network shows, such as NXT and Superstars, along with season 2 of Legends House, would likely also change timeslots/nights, and Wednesday would be the likely move for those shows.”

Do you think that moving WWE Smackdown to Thursday nights is a good idea?