Apple’s iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 To Be Introduced In October?

Apple has always played their information close to the vest. But, they can prove to be predictable, also.

Christian Today is reporting that Amazon is offering discounts to the current iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display. The iPad Air originally costs $499, but is offered for $432, that saves the buyer $67. The iPad Mini with Retina Display originally costs $399 and is now offered for $347 that saves buyers a little over $50. Normal Apple procedure is to discount the prices on the older units before releasing newer, updated units.

According to reports, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina will head to production this month in order to make it on its target release date in the fall. The display components were reportedly set to be finished this month, while the camera and sensors will begin next month.

The upcoming iPad Air and iPad Mini 3 will pack the same design and form factor of their predecessors. The two will also pack the same screen display with the upgraded pixel resolution. The tablets will be powered by the upcoming A8 processor and will run with the new iOS 8. The tablets will also pack the much awaited TouchID fingerprint sensor, upgraded camera at the back and more efficient and longer battery life.

iPad Air and iPad Mini 3 are set to arrive in October, which is the usual release date window of the company’s tablet line. However, Apple has not revealed any official information about the iPad release date and features.

The International Business Times is reporting that Apple has an announcement set for September 9 regarding the new iPhone 6 line. It is believed that word on the new iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina will be given then, as well.

Freshly leaked information from a French news website named iPhonote showcases several internal parts belonging to the Apple iPad Air 2. The image shows iPad’s GPS antenna, Wi-Fi connectivity module and microphone. Earlier leaks showed the front and the rear panel of the iPad Air 2, according to MacRumors. However, this is the first time the internal components of the iPad Air 2 are brought out, although there are many leaks showing the internal components of the iPhone 6.

Ultimately, the upcoming iPad Air 2 will come with a thinner profile, fingerprint sensor, anti-reflective coating, latest Apple A8 processor and the much-required 2 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, Apple has not confirmed any of the above information thus far.

One other tidbit that Apple is bandied about is the much-ballyhooed iWatch smartwatch. This smartwatch is rumoured to come equipped with 512 MB of native memory in addition to 8 GB of Flash memory. Reportedly, the iWatch will function independently without the need to pair the smartwatch to a compatible Apple device. Nevertheless, the iWatch’s launch/release date is still hanging in the air. Some reports point to an October launch, while the others say the release will be in 2015.