WWE News: Brock Lesnar Not Being Advertised After Night Of Champions

Before any elaboration is needed, the headline alone should set a fire inside the WWE Universe’s hearts. The name Brock Lesnar guarantees a reaction of both sides of the extreme, love and hate. Few men in WWE history are able to generate such emotion from the WWE Universe. The big debate going on right now is the time Lesnar will actually stay as the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Nobody knew the answer to that $1 million dollar question, until now. According to WrestleZone, Lesnar will not be around for much longer, despite holding the WWE championship.

Early today we reported several advertisements have Brock Lesnar listed for the 10/21 WWE Smackown tapings in Wichita, Kansas, however, sources in WWE are claiming the advertisements are incorrectly listing Lesnar for the show.

In related news, it’s worth noting Lesnar is not yet being advertised for the Raw taping the night after WWE’s Night of Champions PPV, which takes place in Memphis, Tennessee.

It is odd, that the WWE fans will complain about Lesnar being the champion, but don’t realize the feelings he is generating without even being there. Stop and contemplate what the WWE is doing to the fanbase. Lesnar is on fire right now and he hasn’t been on live WWE TV since the night after SummerSlam. He will occasionally show up via satellite, a la the Rock.

A few days ago, Daniel Bryan pitched the idea of having a match with Lesnar down the road. Wouldn’t that be the icing on the proverbial cake for Lesnar fans? If John Cena can’t defeat the Beast, what would make the WWE fans think Bryan could do the impossible? The point is, that WWE will never have Bryan beat Lesnar without interference from the outside.

Lesnar and Heyman

Not having Lesnar on television will generate ratings, increase the credibility of the WWE World Heavyweight championship, make other WWE superstars work harder to get to Lesnar and at the same time, generate hatred towards the Beast Incarnate. Lesnar is a heel folks, that’s the main goal. How many of you despise Lesnar? If you do, then his job is being done tenfold.

While the WWE Universe may not be getting Bryan vs. Lesnar, a Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar match is definitely in the future plans of the WWE. Reason being, there is nobody else to beat him. That’s been said a multitude of times, but the WWE wants it reinforced. Seth Rollins just isn’t ready to carry that title yet, and if he were to cash-in on Reigns, it would make for a better story.

Enjoy Brock Lesnar on television folks, because it won’t be long that he will be making sporadic appearances via satellite until the WWE Royal Rumble. It is supposed to cause anger and frustration. He’s a heel.

[Images via SportsKeeda and Bleacher Report]