Selfie-Addicted Teen Caught On Tape By Prankster Dad, Hilarious Selfie Session Goes Hugely Viral

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to love taking a selfie. But even the reality TV and Instagram star may not be as obsessed with taking selfies as 13-year-old Skylar Beckham of Cincinatti, Ohio.

In fact, her 41-year-old dad, Rob Beckham, caught her in the middle of a particularly spectacular selfie photo shoot in the back seat of the family car and surreptitiously caught most if it on video — video that’s so entertaining that is just five days the clip has gone hugely viral, amassing more than 3 million views on YouTube alone.

The video even earned the father-daughter combo an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Skylar, who says she snaps about 50 selfies every day to post online and send to her friends, was strangely calm about being captured in video in the midst of an over-the-top selfie session.

“When I found out he was recording it, I was just laughing at it,” she told the ABC morning show.

“I looked in the rear-view mirror and she’s just taking an epic selfie session,” the dad told GMA. “It made me crack up laughing. That’s why I first put it on Facebook to begin with. Then I put it on YouTube just to hopefully make other people crack up, too. So I hope that’s happening, because it’s pretty funny.”

If you’ve ever wondered what you look like when you’re taking a selfie, let this video be a cautionary tale. It certainly was for Skylar.

“If you’re trying to take embarrassing pictures, try to make sure your parents aren’t recording because this might happen to you,” warned the selfie addicted teen.