Church Billboard Reads, ‘I Love Sex – God’: Method To Spike Interest In Bible Sermon Criticized

A Pennsylvania church billboard has succeeded in doing exactly what it set out to do — draw attention. It’s not necessarily all good, however. It’s attracting all kinds of controversy. The large sign was put on a busy highway going through Wilkes Barre. Restored Church is the one behind the billboard. It’s a non-denominational worship center that began last September by two friends who are former college roommates.

In a ABC News report, the billboard sign reads (with a heart for the world “love”) on the far right side of the sign, “I love sex – God.”

If God is the Creator of all things, sex is one of those things. It’s just that the idea of such a blatant statement from God isn’t read anywhere in the Bible, nor has it been put quite that way.

A series of sex sermons and the Song of Solomon from the Bible will begin next month. The church saw this is a the perfect opportunity to try broadening their church membership. The founders knew exactly what they were doing when they posted this message along the highway.

“If the culture can be so bold, I think the church can be so bold and speak directly on the subject and be up front about it,” Restoration Pastor Dan Nichols says.

The Church billboard is set to be up for a few weeks, according to the report.

Restored Church has a congregation of about 100 people. The church’s website explains that its mission is to “… Communicate the good news of Jesus with our lives in order to reach the lost and aggressively develop committed followers of Jesus.”

The pastor of another church wrote a letter to a newspaper editor blasting the billboard for “being misleading.”

Pastor Nichol’s friend and co-founder of Restored Church, Tim Walker, isn’t flinching at the criticism about the church discussing sex.

“We really put a lot of thought into this,” Walker says.

According to Restored Church’s website, it reads:

We are a group of Jesus-followers who are daily motivated by the grace and mercy of God the Father, through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. We’re committed to live our lives for God, not ourselves. There are no perfect people allowed at our church. We’re a community where genuine authenticity is developed rather than discouraged. Our mission is simple: to communicate the good news of Jesus with our lives in order to reach the lost and aggressively develop committed followers of Jesus.

[Image via The Blaze]