Pamela Anderson Divorce Canceled? Husband Rick Salomon Is Off The Couch, Marriage Is Saved

Rumors of a Pamela Anderson divorce may be squashed for good since the former Baywatch star has thrown a life raft to her husband Rick Salomon in the form of a petition to a divorce court.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Pamela Anderson rejected the ice bucket challenge because the ALS association supported animal testing, something which had PETA back Pamela’s statements. The ice bucket challenge has also been criticized by pro-life groups for supporting embryonic stem cell research and other critics point out that only a third of donations in 2013 went to actual ALS research.

The Pamela Anderson divorce saga started back in July, with Pamela claiming her husband was too boring for her after only six months of marriage… for the second time! Anderson is also divorced from musicians Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, whom she had two sons with. Pam and Rick were also married in 2007 only to have the marriage annulled two months later. According to insiders, this is why Pam was considering divorcing him a second time.

“Pam felt the only thing she could do at this point in her relationship and marriage to Rick was to file for divorce because of his wild partying. They love each other, but it’s always a roller coaster with Pam and Rick. No one should be shocked if they reconcile. Since she filed for divorce, Rick has been begging Pam to halt the divorce proceedings.”

Less than a month later, Pam and Rick were spotted still wearing their wedding rings the celebrity pair were seen and photographed having an intimate kissing session while in Malibu. Then they were spotted in similar intimate poses in Sardinia by the end of July of 2014.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Pamela Anderson’s divorce plans are completely over now because she filed paperwork to have her divorce proceedings tossed out.

“Pamela Anderson has had a change of heart when it comes to breaking up with two-time husband Rick Salomon, reportedly filing papers asking that her recent divorce petition be tossed out by the court.”

Celebrity divorces always seem to be the rage when it comes to media reporting so it’s nice to actually see a famous couple work their marriage out.