WWE: Ric Flair And Daughter Charlotte Could Take On Divas AJ Lee And Paige? [Video]

The WWE has been looking for a way to have Ric Flair be regularly involved in an on-screen role but so creative has not figured out a decent way to get the WWE Hall Of Fame wrestler near the ring. Currently, the WWE management has limited their use of Flair to panels and backstage segments while searching for something more long-term for The Nature Boy to do. But now it’s rumored that Flair’s daughter Charlotte, whose real name is Ashley Fliehr, might be a method to make it work out.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Ric Flair did the ice bucket challenge it was classic Nature Boy at work. Speaking of classic, Roddy Pipper did not have many kind words for Flair, ripping him up and down with insults. Of course, Piper also had a few things to say about Vince McMahon, TNA, and whatever else happened to be annoying him.

Right now the rumor is that Charlotte will lose the NXT Divas title to Bayley at the WWE NXT Women’s Title match at Takeover 2 on September 11, 2014. With the title out of the way, Ric Flair’s daughter would be free to enter the main WWE roster. Since Charlotte is a little weak with her microphone skills it’s assumed her father would play the role of Paul Heyman to her Brock Lesnar. The difference is that Flair won’t have to do any acting in his role as a ringside manager since he realistically would have some genuine emotion in seeing his daughter wrestle the other WWE Divas.

Since it will be Ric Flair introducing Charlotte into the ring, it would seem that she would have instant credibility with fans if Flair were to announce she’s the best female wrestler in the WWE. The question is whether she will allowed to be involved with Paige and AJ Lee’s Divas Championship storyline upon debuting in the WWE. Even if she is not instantly sprung to the top, it should be presumed that having a famous father will help her become popular until she can step out from underneath the legend’s looming shadow.