Be Thankful For Online Freedom Because These Ten Countries Have Draconian Internet Censorship [VIDEO]

Here in the United States, we are privileged to enjoy freedom when it comes to utilizing the internet. True there are some things we are not supposed to do, such as online theft or collection of child pornography, but besides those things (which are understandable), most Americans are free to do what they like online.

Unfortunately for some countries, online freedom is only a dream in which draconian laws are enforced as it pertains what citizens can do with the internet.

A video by the Youtube channel, Alltime10s, was uploaded on August 27, 2014, which explains in detail the top ten countries that hold a dictatorship over internet usage. It has 200,000 views with almost 6,000 likes. Almost 100 people think the internet should be controlled by the government. As of the publication of this article, it is also one of the 100 videos in the list for the Most Popular on Youtube.

Right now, the ten countries with the strictest internet control are Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, Bahrain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and North Korea. All of them seem to have a high number of websites banned as well as propaganda in favor of certain national and political events, though most are lies. Also, it states punishment of citizens who violate internet law. Some of them seemed quite harsh such as torturing and murder of those who go against the establishment. For some of the countries, a lot of the censoring also comes with a lot of propaganda, especially when it comes to terrorist activities.

What do you think about the draconian laws on internet in the stated countries? Knowing how we are as a nation, when it comes to being connected, would these laws hinder the American people or will it not matter in the long run? Please let us know in the comments below.