Joaquin Phoenix Back In The Lead For Marvel’s Doctor Strange?

Here we go again! If you’ve had a hard time keeping up with Marvel’s Doctor Strange casting rumors we don’t blame you. Keeping up with every attached name has been dizzying to say the least, and now it looks like if rumors are believed Joaquin Phoenix is still circling the film and close to finalizing an actual deal.

This news comes after rumors died down on Phoenix’s name and turned to relative newcomer Jack Huston as the new guy in Marvel’s sights. Huston looked like a very promising choice as he was relatively unknown in the popcorn movie world and he had just the right look to pull of the role of Doctor Strange.

Now we’re learning that Joaquin Phoenix is very much someone who is still in the lead, and rumors about Jack Huston have absolutely no truth to them.

It all started when Steven Weintraub of Collider teased Marvel fanatics on Twitter with a supposed scoop. Then he finally revealed the exciting news about Joaquin Phoenix in regards to the Doctor Strange movie.

Apparently Phoenix met to talk with Marvel this week and is closing a deal. Seeing that a superhero film, let alone Marvel, has never been in Phoenix’s wheelhouse we can only imagine the back and forth that is going on between the eccentric actor and the studio.

Collider writes more on this angle and suggests that Phoenix may just be taking precaution before he signs on that dotted line. After all, Marvel contracts are for life. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating but just ask Robert Downey Jr. and six picture deal Chris Evans.

“Though some believed the length of time it’s taken for Phoenix to finalized his deal was a sign that things might have gone south, it makes sense that an actor of Phoenix’s caliber and temperament would want to ensure that his Marvel contract doesn’t restrict his creative freedom to take on other projects outside the MCU.”

Other actors that were once rumored to be attached as the lead in Doctor Strange are Kyle MacLachlan, Jared Leto, and Johnny Depp.

Hopefully we will have some official news to announce in the coming days about Doctor Strange.

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