‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Trouble For Shamy, A Haircut, And A Weird Road Trip

The Big Bang Theory fans will get to see some Shamy drama go down as soon as the CBS series returns this fall.

Amy Farrah Fowler isn’t going to be very happy with Sheldon Cooper for leaving her, and fans won’t have to wait long to see the fallout from the theoretical physicist’s change-induced choo-choo trip.

At the end of season 7 of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was once again upset about not being the center of universe, and he didn’t stop to think about how his actions would affect poor Amy. Mayim Bialik recently talked to Glamour about what will go down between Amy and her emotionally-challenged boyfriend during “The Locomotion Interruption,” the first episode of season 8.

“We deal with it, but there’s tension in that first episode.”

It would actually be nice if The Big Bang Theory rocked the boat by having Amy realize that she’s finally had enough of Sheldon’s childish behavior. Everybody loves Shamy, but Amy has to have a breaking point. Maybe she needs to decide that she can do better so that she can experience what it’s like to have a thoughtful boyfriend who actually thinks about her feelings. Obviously she’d eventually end up back with Sheldon, but maybe he’d make an attempt at being nicer to her after realizing how much he misses her.

The Shamy relationship might suffer a minor setback at the beginning of season 8, but Amy will get the chance to spend some quality time with Leonard Hofstadter. According to TV Line, the odd pair will “take an unexpected road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon.” Perhaps Sheldon gets stranded in the state at some point during his train ride.

Amy and Leonard don’t spend a lot of time alone together, so their road trip should be awkward and interesting. And don’t expect Leonard to fill the uncomfortable silence with wedding talk—as The Inquisitr previously reported, Leonard and Penny are going to have a long engagement. This means that they probably won’t do any serious wedding planning during season 8.

It sounds like Amy is going to take some of her anger at Sheldon out on Amy and Bernadette. “In episode two, Amy pits Bernadette and Penny against each other,” Mayim Bialik revealed. Amy also might be jealous that Bernadette and Penny are going to be spending more time together during season 8. Bernie is getting Penny a pharmaceutical sales rep job at her company, so they’ll probably see each other during the day at work. This means inside jokes and office gossip that will make Amy feel left out.

Mayim Bialik was careful not to reveal too many Big Bang Theory spoilers, but she did share some big news about Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s hair.


“Yep, she’ll have it cut! They joke about it in the first episode between her and Sheldon. It’s fun.”

Bialik is a big fan of Kaley’s pixie cut, calling it “super cute” and commending her costar on finding so many different ways to style it. Hopefully Sheldon doesn’t have a hard time dealing with the drastic hair change.

The first episode of The Big Bang Theory season 8 will also feature more of Stuart and Mrs. Wolowitz. Poor Howard is completely “weirded out” by the relationship between his mother and the comic book store owner.

The Big Bang Theory returns on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Image credit: CBS via Zap2It]