Taco Bell’s New Contest: Win Lifetime Supply Of Taco Bell!

Taco Bell has a new contest, for those who can stomach it.

USA Today is reporting that the fast food chain has announced a new contest, the Wonka-esque “Eleven Everlasting Dollars” Challenge. Over 11 days, Taco Bell is releasing 11 specialized dollar bills, marked by specific serial numbers, in 11 U.S. cities for fans to search out. The contest began Tuesday in Los Angeles, followed by Chicago on Wednesday, and will continue in nine other locations until the bills are found.

YUM! Brands, Taco Bell’s parent company, announced the contest in order to promote its new dollar menu, containing 11 items for only a dollar each.

Customers will be able to check the website’s interactive map daily for more information on serial numbers and locations of the bills. Harley Morenstein of YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time and comedian James Kirkland unveiled the campaign in a video, in which they’re shown holding a metal briefcase filled with the precious digits.

The hunt won’t be easy. According to the official rules, the chances of finding one of the 11 dollar bills are about 1 in 2.4 billion.

The Washington Post is reporting that this isn’t the first time Taco Bell has tried an outlandish contest or promotion. In recent years, the restaurant chain has pretended to buy the Liberty Bell and anchored a floating target in the South Pacific to promote its products.

It isn’t the first time Taco Bell has launched an ad campaign around greenbacks, either. In 2010, the chain publicly petitioned the Federal Reserve to circulate more $2 bills, a stunt aimed at promoting the launch of Taco Bell’s $2 Meal Deal.

The Consumerist, however, is reporting a catch in the works. There seems to be an asterisk explaining what Taco Bell means by a “Lifetime of Taco Bell.” The fine print reads:

“Prize awarded as $10,000 in Taco Bell® gift cards. Based on average consumption ($216 per year) for 46 years. Dollar Cravings Menu™ at participating locations. Prices and Items may vary. Prices exclude tax. However, the winner will receive a check for $3,500 to pay the taxes on the $10,000 won in gift cards.”

By their math, that would be $216 a year for 46 years, or about $4 a week, or about 4 tacos a week. There is also one salient point here; if you going to eat all that Taco Bell, exactly how long do you expect your lifetime to be, anyway?

The sweepstakes ends on October 5, or earlier if a winner is found.