David Beckham Wants to Buy Elizabeth Taylor's Bling For Victoria

Soccer star David Beckham- who was the subject of a recent death hoax on the microblogging site Twitter- is, contrary to unfounded web rumors, very much alive.

In fact, the not-dead pro footballer is looking into buying recently deceased Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry for his wife Victoria. Beckham- who rumors had perishing in a fiery car crash on Interstate 80 in the couple's adopted home state of California- is said to be planning to bid up to about $4.5 million on the jewels when they go up for auction at Christie's in December. The auction planned for later this year will raise some funds for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

The baubles are said to be a gift to wife Victoria after the birth of the couple's fourth child and first girl, who arrived in July and was named Harper Seven. Surprisingly, Beckham said to US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres that the couple may not have wrapped up the whole new baby thing, and may even try for a fifth child. The expat told DeGeneres that he and his missus are fond of adding to their family, and that the two would be pleased if another baby came along:

"If we were lucky enough to have another one, it would be great. We always spoke about having a big family. We love children. We're very blessed to have four healthy children so if one comes along that would be amazing."
In addition to the nearly three-month-old Harper Seven, the Beckhams are parents to Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9 and Cruz, 6.