‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted In Week 9?

Another Big Brother 16 houseguest will be evicted Thursday night during the live show, and it’s going to be either Donny Thompson or Nicole Franzel. All week, Donny has definitely been the target, but is there a glimmer of hope that the votes will shift to keep Donny safe? Though it’s likely that fans will see Thompson head to the jury Thursday night, it does seem there might be reason to hope a wee bit.

The Big Brother spoilers and updates at Jokers Updates indicate that Frankie and Caleb have been doing some talking about perhaps keeping Donny over Nicole this week. Caleb and Frankie have been talking to one another, and they’ve been talking with both Cody and Derrick over it. Though it keeps coming up, so far it doesn’t seem that anybody is willing to pull the trigger and make things official.

Derrick has made it seem that he’s open to whatever the group decides. However, he does have a tendency to make it appear he’s playing along while he’s still orchestrating and nudging people back to his plan. During the wee hours of Thursday morning, the guys said they were thinking about it and would sleep on it, and just before noon Thursday, Big Brother spoilers via the live feeds indicated that Caleb and Frankie were still working on the plan to keep Donny.

At the same time, Donny was seen crying a bit on the live feeds Thursday. He knows that he’s likely going to the jury, and he’s clearly disappointed to see his time in the house probably coming to an end. Many BB16 fans are quite disappointed as well. As Big Brother Network notes, Donny has campaigned throughout the week, whereas Nicole has seemingly assumed she’s pretty safe.

Could Frankie and Caleb pull off a switch on this one? It’s pretty unlikely, as Cody and Derrick don’t seem to be on-board, and Christine and Victoria are pretty unlikely to break apart from what Derrick wants. Of course, many BB16 fans think that it would be wise on many levels for some of the houseguests to shift to keep Donny, but it’s probably too much to hope for at this point.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the game shifts into week 10 and the main alliance needs to look toward turning on one another after the next eviction. Big Brother airs on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

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