‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: First Look At Doctor Doom?

Two images recently leaked online purport to show the Fantastic Four‘s nemesis, Doctor Doom, as envisioned in the upcoming reboot, yet fans are debating their authenticity.

Filming on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four film has already wrapped, according to Mstars, though bits of information have leaked from the production. The latest are two images which seem to show the villain, Doctor Doom, against a green screen backdrop. In the first, Doom faces off against an actor wearing a motion capture suit that io9 posits “is presumably the stand-in for the Thing.” In the second, Doctor Doom is suspended by a wire harness, while behind him an actor in a lighted suit is thought to be Michael B Jordan as The Human Torch.

The images of Doctor Doom originally leaked online at Geek Pride. As Comicbook.com’s Russ Burlingame points out, a Twitter confirmation said to have originated from Trank last week instead proved to be false. Burlingame relates, however, that he has “still heard from others I trust that the photo is on the level.”

So… there are leaked pictures of Doctor Doom.. doesn’t look like the full costume. pic.twitter.com/LNEWDYizxr — Everything Random Pr (@EverythingRandP) August 28, 2014

According to Moviepilot, it is unclear whether the images of Doom are actual set photos, due to the media blackout that has largely surrounded the Fantastic Four reboot. As they point out, there are several challenges to understanding exactly what is shown in the Doctor Doom images:

“We can assume that if it is indeed Doom his iconic armor will be added via CGI for a final version. Even if this is an actual production photo it is unknown if we are seeing actor Toby Kebbell or a stuntperson in that costume. If the scene being shot is a dialogue scene then that may very well be the 32 year old Brit.”


As The Inquisitr has reported, a leaked image of The Thing from the Fantastic Four set showed up recently on a Twitter account that has since been deleted, and is thought to be fake.

Fans will get to see the Fantastic Four square off against Doctor Doom on June 19, 2015, when the film hits theaters.

[Image via Marvel Wikia]