Princess Diana’s Death Was Result Of Inadequate Security Team, Cop Claims

Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, which occurred when the car in which she was being driven crashed at high speed, left many questions unanswered about the exact circumstances of the accident. It is known that the vehicle was being pursued by a phalanx of paparazzi at the time, but new claims suggest that her death was due to the poor security detail assigned to her.

The Daily Mail reports that Daniel Bourdon, a former cop who guarded Princess Diana’s body while it was in the morgue, claims that the Princess’s security detail was “DIY” and not sufficient for a person of her stature.

In his new book entitled Diana: That Night, Bourdon reveals his shock at the standard of the security operation around her and boyfriend Dodi Fayed. He details how an inquest found in 2008 that an ill-fated plan was devised for off-duty security manager Henri Paul to drive the pair away from their hotel in a bid to avoid the paparazzi. It was subsequently alleged that he had been drinking just prior to getting behind the wheel.

That hearing concluded that Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to Paul’s “gross negligence” after he crashed the car he was driving the Princess in.

Le Parisien reported an interview they conducted with Bourdon, who told the publication:


“My book is not a counter-investigation. It reproduces things as they were. Only, according to me, the princess did not have a level of security and protection that an icon like her deserved. It was DIY and that allowed a chain of circumstances that had a tragic outcome.”

As well as the tragic death of Diana, at the age of 36, Fayed, her lover, and the driver, Paul, were also killed in the high speed crash in the Paris tunnel on that fateful night back in August 1997. The Princess’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was seriously injured in the crash.

The problem is that the “facts” outlined in Bourdon’s book can’t be verified, and are really nothing more than his own personal take on what happened on the night of Princess Diana’s death.