Paula M. Walker Identified As Fort Lee Shooter

Paula M. Walker has been identified as the Fort Lee shooter who ended up turning what was probably a personal firearm on herself. Her name was released by the Army base in Virginia today to provide closure on Monday’s tragedy.

There were no additional victims injured when the 33-year-old Sergeant 1st Class had grown upset enough to barricade herself inside Building 5020 of the Combined Arms Support Command Headquarters and eventually commit suicide. Fort Lee is keeping details mostly quiet and may release additional information at a later date.

Paula M Walker was known to be a gentle and caring person after her 14 years of service with the Arm, and she worked at Fort Lee since December 2011. The gun she had used was not a service weapon, which will most likely open debates about military gun control and personal firearms, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Walker was from Yonkers, New York and was a human resources specialist with a definite friendly way about her as family and friends have stated. Eric Wright of Yonkers described Walker as “a person that you could be walking down the block and you could see her from a distance and get a warm feeling.”

Officials have not stated if she had been diagnosed with any mental health issues or if she had been treated for any.

The Fort Lee shooter’s twin brother Paul Walker (not the late actor) said he couldn’t understand why his sister had taken her own life:

“This was totally unseen. I spoke to her a week ago and she was fine and in good spirits. I just don’t know, you never know. You never know what’s going on in a person’s mind. It doesn’t make sense to me.”


Jim Bostic, executive director of the Nepperhan Community Center, gave a surprisingly positive background on her childhood:

“She was very nice, very sweet and never gave us an ounce of trouble. She always seem to be in good spirits, a happy child, always having fun. Paula seemed to have a sense of who she wanted to be.”

Brother Paul added that Paula M Walker was a single mother with an eight-year-old daughter. It is unknown what will happen with the child.

Everybody’s shock over her suicide raises questions of why Walker killed herself. She had apparently been okay until the day she had become the Fort Lee active shooter.

[image via Mr Conservative]