Chelsea Handler Gets Stark Naked In Front Of Ellen DeGeneres, Just To Say Goodbye

Chelsea Handler make quite an impression on a lot of people in the entertainment world during her finale show of E! Network‘s Chelsea Lately show, and went out with quite a bang.

Her finale, if nothing else, proves that Handler is brave, very brave, as she proved unequivocally in front of a studio full of people as Chelsea got stark naked in front of none other than Ellen DeGeneres and the TV cameras!

A star-studded line up made an appearance to say goodbye to Chelsea Handler, who is reportedly moving on to bigger and better things as chat show hosts frequently do. Among the stars were Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock and 50 Cent.

The Handler-DeGeneres skit was just priceless as Chelsea can be seen entering a public locker room naked and having a wash in an area dubbed “Chelsea Lately Staff Showers.” As soon as the shower begins Handler gets interrupted by DeGeneres, who reaches to turn off the water.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Handler as she looked very worried when Ellen reached in, “What are you doing here?” asked Ellen, who was wearing her trademark pinstripe blazer, a black T-shirt and pants, “I didn’t know you wanted to be on my show!” said Handler.


“Well, I don’t necessarily want to be on your show,” DeGeneres explains. “I’m just wondering, why wouldn’t you ask me to be on your show?”

With which Ellen DeGeneres drops the almost expected line, “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” To the delight of the studio audience and no doubt the viewers at home.

Chelsea Handler and the Chelsea Lately show will be greatly missed by E! viewers but there is little doubt that the chat show star will surface again on your TV screens soon doing what she does best.