Josh Gordon Could Sue NFL, Or Play In CFL

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was suspended by the NFL yesterday after having his appeal on a Marijuana possession charge denied. Today, there has been an awful lot of talk about what Josh might do next and where Gordon might play this season.

CBS Sports is reporting Gordon might actually head to court and attempt to sue the NFL in order for Josh to get back on the field for the Cleveland Browns this season. Gordon’s claim seems to be rooted in the fact that he didn’t actually smoke Marijuana but rather it was second-hand. He also says the test results put Josh’s pot levels just over the league’s limit.

Josh Gordon has also pointed out that while one sample was above the league’s threshold, Gordon’s second test result was below the limit. Josh will try and claim this is the way the league could have known his marijuana intake was second hand.

The Browns’ wide receiver is pointing out that smoking pot might be against the rules in the NFL, but being in the vicinity of someone else is not. In the statement following the announcement of the player’s suspension, Gordon said he is “very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing office didn’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case.”


His anger and frustration over the ruling is why some believe he will be trying anything he can to get back on the field. As CBS points out, there are reasons he might not want to go this route, including the outside chance that he might only miss the 2014 regular season. In the NFL’s own statement, it said Josh could file for reinstatement directly after the regular season is over.

Gordon’s suspension is technically until August 27, 2015. The time frame listed would have him missing the postseason, (should the Browns somehow make it there) as well as spring camps. That does seem rather far fetched but it could be enough to keep the wide receiver from fighting further.

There are also reports from Pro Football Rumors that Josh might look to the CFL this season. In order to do this, he would have to get permission from the Browns, since he’s still under contract with the team. Some claim he has indeed asked the front office for permission, but its unclear if the Canadian Football League would even allow him to play up North. Whatever happens with Josh Gordon, it seems likely all eyes will be on him for a while longer.