Cops: Baltimore Police Officer James Kulbicki Murder Conviction Overturned In Death Of Gina Marie Nueslein

Baltimore Police Sergeant James Kulbicki’s conviction has been overturned by the Maryland Court of Appeals, according to the Baltimore Sun. Ex-Maryland cop James Kulbicki had tried unsuccessfully for almost two decades to have his conviction thrown out. The court found that Kulbicki’s attorneys failed to challenge the bullet comparisons sufficiently at his murder trial, as stated in a report by WBOC-16.

The decision strikes a blow to the victim’s family who fought for so many years to keep Kulbicki behind bars. James Kulbicki, 59, was convicted for first-degree murder for the shooting death of his girlfriend, Gina Nueslein, in 1993. Regarding the overturned conviction and opportunity for a new trial, Gina Nueslein’s sister told the Baltimore Sun that is hard to have to relive the events of her death all over again.

Gina Nueslein was a beautiful 22-year-old woman who had a love affair with the married cop in 1990. During the turbulent, and often violent three-year relationship, Gina Nueslein became pregnant and gave birth to a son. James Allan Kulbicki was the biological father. Kulbicki grew angry when he found out that Gina was dating another police officer and threatened to kill her. By all accounts, Gina Nueslein was terrified of Kulbicki and told friends and family that he had threatened to kill her. According to court records, James Kulbicki stalked and followed Nueslein, with the violence escalating after Gina Nueslein went to court to have Kulbicki named as the father of her son in order to collect child support payments. That’s when prosecutors say bad cop James Kulbicki’s anger intensified as he devised a plan to kill her.

Law enforcement officials say the 36-year-old married cop and father came into contact with former mistress Gina Nueslein as she walked to her job at the Royal Farms store but never made it. Court documents reveal that on that day, Kulbicki had somehow lured Nueslein into his vehicle, put a gun to her head and shot her at point blank range. Kulbicki then took her dead body and dumped it at the Gunpowder State Park, where it was found the next day by a man walking his dog.

Cops were led to James Kulbicki after a witness informed them that she had seen him in his black Ford pick-up truck at the park. The former cop denied having sex with Gina Nueslein.


As Inquisitrreported earlier, their true crime story was dramatized in the CBS movie Double Jeopardy aka Victim Of The Night on Tuesday, January 30, 1996. Actress Brittany Murphy starred in the movie as Gina Marie Nueslein. The real names were changed. The movie occasionally airs on the Lifetime Movie Network, according to Examiner. Gina Nueslein’s son is now an adult.