Charlie Hunnam: From Prince Of The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ To King Of The Round Table

Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim, has agreed to play the legendary King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming movie of the same name, according to Deadline. The ambitious King Arthur project from Warner Bros. is intended to span the length of six films.

In what some called a mistake, Charlie Hunnam passed on the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, a move that left a lot of movie insiders scratching their head. However, Hunnam’s career doesn’t seem to be any worse for wear.

Director Guillermo del Toro picked Charlie for the title role in his 2013 giant robot v giant monster epic, Pacific Rim. Del Toro liked working with Charlie Hunnam so much that he brought the actor back for his next film, Crimson Peak, a gothic thriller which is slated for a 2015 release. In addition to that, his role as Jax Teller on the popular FX motorcycle gang show, Sons of Anarchy, has garnered Hunnam legions of fans that will clamor to get a glimpse of whatever show or film he’s in.

So things could be worse for Charlie Hunnam.

Sons of Anarchy comes to an end this year, however, so Charlie now has a wide open docket to work on other things. So why not a six-film King Arthur series for Warner Bros?

The King Arthur film is being directed by Guy Ritchie, who is best known for his films Sherlock Holmes, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

The King Arthur movie has been thrown around Warner Bros. for several years, with scripts by such writers as John Hodge and David Dobkin, versions to be starred in by Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington as Arthur and Robocop’s Joel Kinnaman to play Sir Lancelot. Another version billed Colin Farrell in the lead with Gary Oldman as Merlin.

The point is that Warner Bros. has been trying to launch a Camelot-themed slate of movies for years before reaching an agreement with Guy Ritchie, and now with Charlie Hunnam.

Also currently attached to the film is Idris Elba, who fans might remember made that famous speech in Pacific Rim which included, “Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them. Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”

There’s a bit of confusion as to who Elba might play in the film – though the consensus is he’ll play a mentor figure to Charlie Hunnam’s Arthur. Deadline has Elba playing Merlin, and IGN has Elba playing Bedivere, one of Arthur’s right-hand men.

King Arthur, starring Charlie Hunanm, is scheduled for a July, 2016 release.

image via metnews