Teen Raped By Hundreds Of Pakistani And Asian Men Speaks Out About Her Ordeal

A British woman, now in her 20’s, who was raped by “hundreds of men” over a period of three years, when she was between the ages of 12 and 15, has spoken out about her ordeal in an effort to help other people to avoid the same fate.

A report released by the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council recently, which you can download and read in full by clicking this LINK, outlines horrific sexual and physical abuse against minors in the city, including the victim of this article.

Among other things, the report revealed that at least 1,400 children, some as young as 11 were, sexually exploited in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

In shocking revelations the report reveals that children were: “doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone.”

The victim in this story spoke at length about the ordeal she and her friends went through at the hands of Pakistani and Asian men living in Britain.

Perhaps ironically, it all began at the local McDonald’s branch, where the older men would buy the girls french fries and cigarettes, as well as soft drugs and alcohol. The girls were introduced to the older men by boys of their own age who they met at amusement arcades close to their homes.

The International Business Times reported that the victim spoke about how she came from a very loving, good background, and a supportive family. And yet she found herself pinned down by two men one night while being raped by a third man. The rape happened outdoors on market stalls, while one of her girl friends was watching.

She spoke about the older man who was the first to rape her:

“He would rape me once a week every week and that’s when he started to gain control over me and when I started to fear him, and not just him but everyone else within that gang.I’d have to have sex with his cousins or whoever wanted to have sex with me. And I very much become like an object and that’s how they treated me.”


Scared for her life, and for the lives of her family, the young girl was scared initially to contact the police or tell anyone about what had happened to her. The men threatened to: “get my mum and gang-rape her and make me watch, which I wasn’t going to let happen. So I kept things to myself and I also continued to go (and meet them) because of these threats.”

She finally plucked up the courage to contact the police in April 2003, but when she did nothing happened as a result of her complaints and life carried on as normal.

When her parents learned of what was happening to their daughter the men got involved They said she owed them money for drugs, and the family were forced to leave their home and, indeed, leave the U.K., due to the threats made against them.

The damning report by the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council about the serial rape of children in Britain at the hands of ethnic minority males is indeed shocking.

But. in Britain today, the power of political correctness, and an overwhelming obsession with not taking any action that could be perceived as a criticism of immigrants in general — and Muslims in particular –is likely to result in this, and similar issues, being swept under the carpet, once the initial publicity has died down.