Zayn Malik ‘Surprised’ By One Direction’s Worldwide Success

Zayn Malik is very “surprised” that One Direction is enjoying worldwide success right now. Of course, none of this is at all shocking to the group’s legion of insanely loyal fans.

Regardless of what you may think of their music, finding another pop band that gets this much attention on a regular basis is an impossible task. Not only do they sell out shows wherever they go, their fans frequently get 1D-related hashtags to trend worldwide. These guys are a big deal at the moment, something that is taking its sweet time sinking in.

According to Sugarscape, Zayn Malik is still coming to terms with the group’s international success. Although one would think Malik and the gang would get used to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans on a regular basis, apparently they’re just as humble as they were during the X Factor days. That’s certainly impressive.

“We’re just as surprised about it as anyone else is, to be honest. We didn’t really expect any of it and it’s just crazy to see how it’s happened,” Zayn told Top of the Pops magazine.

Malik isn’t the only One Direction heartthrob to weigh in on the group’s success in recent days. Zayn’s buddy Niall Horan discussed the band’s fame with the Irish Mirror back in July. Despite the fact that the guys are adored by millions of teenage girls around the planet, Horan claims he and the rest of 1D haven’t changed a bit.


“We’re still the same five idiots from three years ago… We spend every day together. We have a good time on the road and obviously it’s so important that we all get along or it won’t work. There could have easily been one person who didn’t get on with anyone, who nobody liked but it wasn’t like that. The relationship that’s grown with these four boys that I didn’t even know three years ago is absolutely insane and it’s incredible. I’m very lucky that I get to spend so much time with them.”

Although Zayn Malik and his bandmates are doing all they can to keep the masses entertained on a global scale, some fans firmly believe the group should take some time off to rest and re-energize very soon. The Inquisitr previously reported that the Twitter hashtag #stopoverworkingourboys trended worldwide earlier this week out of concern for the group’s mental and physical well-being.

Are you a fan of Zayn Malik and One Direction? Are you surprised by their success?

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