School Gives Students iPad, Mom Is Shocked That Daughter Uses It To Read Erotica

For those who are following the news of today’s youth with technology, there seems to be a frightening trend of not discovering, but utilizing sexuality. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times when pre-teen or teenage children of families are suddenly in a situation pertaining to something adult-related. Earlier this year, a mother discovered her son was watching porn when her infant daughter turned on the television that was still playing the recorded smut. Then not long afterwards, another mother discovered her daughter was swapping nude pictures of herself for nude pictures of other students on her electronic devices.

Now there are reports that a student is partaking in reading erotica on an iPad. The unique thing about this report is the iPad was given to the student through the school she attends.

According to an article by KATU-TV, Neil Armstrong Middle School, located in Forest Grove, Oregon, provided iPads to their students last year as part of their pilot program. The iPads would be used for educational purposes and even had security locks to make sure they weren’t being abused. However, students at the middle school found ways to circumnavigate the school iPad security systems, which was found out by the mother of one of the students in a shocking way.

The mother – who just wanted to go by her first name, Sarah – confiscates her daughter’s iPad every single time it is no longer needed. It is part of a very strict regime in which the daughter has no phone, no social media, and no personal computer. The family computer is connected to the television in the living room with parental controls. So when Sarah found out what her daughter was doing with the school’s iPad, she had to inform the school.

“She was reading erotica – along with a lot of the other kids. I was shocked! It was not something you expect a 12-year-old to look at, or to talk about, or to want to do or anything. She’s still a little girl.”

As a result, Sarah’s daughter was grounded. The school was also informed to ban the website Wattpad, an online writing community for sharing stories that is popular with young adult circles. Technically, accessing the site wouldn’t be such a big deal, but her daughter was accessing the “adults only” section.

One month after discovering her daughter’s taste for writing similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, Sarah made another startling discovery. Her daughter set up a personal email account and used it to send provocative photos to another student. This time, the daughter’s punishment would be to go “electronics free” for the remainder of the school year, which is hard since the curriculum has fully incorporated the iPads by now.

The Blaze followed up with a statement by Brandon Hundley, principal of Neil Armstrong Middle School, on the school’s iPad program.


“There is no way to ensure absolute security on a technology device. As we develop our program as others schools are doing the same, we will continue to focus on teaching and training our students in the appropriate ways to use technology to support their learning, keep themselves safe and leave as small and limited a digital footprint as possible.”

Neil Armstrong Middle School isn’t exactly just sitting on their hands and letting these violations fly. They are constantly adding websites to the blocked list. However, middle school students are a hard bunch to control, as confirmed by Hundley.

“The truth is that students are constant problem solvers and work hard to access what they are interested in.”

What do you think about the situation? Do you think this is good parenting on Sarah’s behalf but being extremely strict with her daughter’s access with technology? Or is her strictness the reason her daughter would “explore” technology once it was given to her? Is the school to blame for this situation? Please let us know in the comments below.

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