Kandi Burruss Pregnant In 2014? Todd Tucker Open To Fertility Treatments To Guarantee A Baby Boy

Will we see Kandi Burruss pregnant soon for Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7? Todd Tucker and the RHOA star are saying they are shooting for having a baby within a year, and they are even considering fertility treatments to ensure a bouncing baby boy.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, despite planning on getting pregnant, Kandi also plans on losing 20 pounds in a month which might be her way of ensuring she looks super thin through the whole pregnancy. Oddly enough, Kandi’s RHOA contract requires that she have access to Popeyes chicken, and that sounds like it could be in conflict with her goals.

Todd recently called Kandi Burruss pregnant in front of Mama Joyce just to see how she would react. As might be expected, fireworks ensued, but that has not let the couple slow down with their marriage.

“We would love to have a child together or maybe two,” said Kandi. “That’s something that we would like to have happen, but hasn’t happened yet. So, I’m not sure how long we’re gonna keep trying before we actually say, ‘Hey, can ya’ll go put it in there?!'”

Kandi is taking the matter extremely seriously and hopes to be pregnant very soon, saying, “I want to get pregnant this year! Knock it out by 39!” Technically, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have children, just not with each other. Kandi’s daughter Riley was born in 2002, and Todd’s daughter Kaela just turned 18.

Because of Kandi’s age, the RHOA couple is considering fertility treatments although they are happy that they may be able to equalize the gender numbers in the family.


“Todd would be down with [fertility treatments], too,” said Kandi. “We’re even open to in vitro fertilization. The cool part about that is we could guarantee a boy!”

Burruss admits she has “always wanted to have a son” and, since she already has gone through raising two girls, she believes a baby boy will be easier.

“With girls, you’re scared somebody’s going to take advantage of them or something. I just feel like boys are easier. Todd says that as long as we can afford ’em, let’s keep going!”

How do you think Mama Joyce will react if Todd Tucker makes Kandi Burruss pregnant for Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7?